Drinks rich in aroma and taste

Wellness. CBD. Relaxation. Perfumes. Herbs. Calm. Tea. Warmth. Sea. Power. Well-being. Friendship. Warmth. Family. Detoxification. Diet. Winter. Energy. Experience. Person. Summer. Nature. Zoe. Mountain.

Two "ever lasting" friends, Vassilis and Michalis, captured the concept of these words in 4 cylindrical boxes of 30gr with high quality CBD tea. And this is just the beginning. They give flesh and blood to the "good" and offer it generously because they simply want the good for all of us. For themselves, the people they love but also for man in general as an entity.

So, the two Happy Friends "became" Happy Fields. Happy Fields make their first appearance with a series of drinks rich in aroma and taste that help in a better, a more quality life. 

Crops, seeds, experience, love for man, the power of nature and respect for it, well-being, applications of technology, family care are elements that each has individually and all together blend evenly to create a prototype, dynamic alloy with great endurance and energy for life.

Happy Fields incorporates everything they collect in their character into their products. They share the good and you will find out because everything you will find, try and trust ends up that: "HAPPY FIELDS ARE PICKED WITH LOVE".