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Strong Blue CBD Energy Tea

Strong Blue CBD Energy Tea - Τσάι Ενέργειας

(4 customer reviews)


Strong Blue is energy tea with a content of 10% hemp flowers, rich in high quality CBD combined with green tea. Green tea, by its nature, has many beneficial properties while rejuvenating the body.

At Strong Blue, flowers rich in CBD are intertwined with a full variety of fruits, roots and fruits that give you energy. Guarana, ginseng roots, ginger peel, pineapple pieces, nectarine, orange.

Fruity and slightly sweet, Strong Blue is the best way to start your day with full energy and clarity.

Leave it for 6 'at 100οC and then as you prefer: cold or hot. Either way, remember: Strong Blue is picked with love!

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Strong Blue CBD Energy Tea - Τσάι Ενέργειας



Green Tea

Pineapple (pineapple, sweetener, citric acid, sulfur dioxide)

Hemp Flowers (Sativa L) High CBD

Ginger Peel


Ginseng roots

Aroma Nectarine

Aroma Orange

4 reviews for Strong Blue CBD Energy Tea – Τσάι Ενέργειας

  1. sali

    time to replace coffee

  2. Anastasios Fotopoulos

    Very Good Tea ! I get from you a free paket in Januari from Canabis Expo 2020

  3. Katerina Kehagia

    Loved it!the best way to start your day.

  4. Forza

    Αν και όχι τόσο λάτρης του τίλιου το συγκεκριμένο μου το σέρβιραν να το δοκιμάσω και από τότε εγινα φανατικος

    Με μελί ειδικά συνδυάζεται φοβερά.!!!!

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